A native of Colorado,  Carol Anne Jellico was born into the world of art. Her father, John Jellico was a famous western artist,  amazing art teacher, and the founder of the Art Institute of Colorado, located in historic, downtown Denver. Her mother, Nancy Jellico, also a famous western artist, was her father's best art student, and created wonderful western themed sculpture in bronze, and paintings.                Growing up surrounded by creative talent, she didn't begin to pursue a career in art until her father asked her to use the artistic tallent God gave her before he passed, and with the promise to her Dad, she enrolled in his school, the Art Institute of Colorado, graduating with a bachelor's degree in 2009.                      Colorado's boundless beauty, enhanced  Carol Anne's natural artist abilities, leading her to draw and paint the endless natural wonders, and abundant wildlife that she so loves. 
Each of her stunning creations, reflect the joy that the beauty of nature brings her, and  each brush stroke, or pencil line captures the emotion, and free spirit that she sees, and her love of the wild. 

Carol Anne uses a unique twist of mixing rich, vibrant color splashes, with her lifelike wildlife images,  giving her work her own distinctive dimension, that stands out from other artists. "I just want my work to reflect the wonder and joy that the wilderness brings me," Carol Anne said with a smile, "and I look forward to the challenge of capturing the life and emotion of the wild on each blank canvas. I ask God to paint through me, to guide my brush. I want to show the world what wonder's He created. People sometimes forget that they are surrounded by God's bounty, but I am so grateful for the gifts He gave me, that I want to help remind the world that his beauty is there, you just have to take the time to look."

I am available for illustration work and commission paintings, and I also create excellent people and pet portraits. Some of the artwork that can be viewed on my page is still available for purchase. Please contact me if interested!

Purchase fantastic fine art work, order custom commission pieces, or original paintings created in a variety of mediums by fine artist Carol Anne Jellico.